Our lyrics are insane… and tapped into the pulse of this upside-down world! If you aren’t offended, don’t worry, we’ll write a song about you soon…

We turn away
from your victory
so hollow
Let castles fall
and the land
lie fallow

A fragile god
is a false god
You were never
worthy of the throne

This is the epitaph
for your delusions

Every bow
a small retreat
Allowing yourself
to be whittled away

They want you weak
They want you groveling

Conniving and conspiring
Dissipated, dead inside

The disturbing laugh
of a cynical mind
Making decrees
from atrophied towers

Infected by guilt
You are your brother's jailer

We await our doom

All the world's
a psy-op
or a photo-op
Clown World
epicenter of cultural rot

Turn back the clock
in resentment
Devolution in the age
of the microchip

Arms race of conformity
Spiritual infirmity
Just leave your soul behind
It's a dead weight
in a disconnected time

No purpose
No identity
No creation
No clarity

It's too late
There's nothing left to say
Just load the brass
And dig the graves

We'll invent new gods
from beneath the ruins

(copyright 2021 I Dream of Apocalypse)

Fortify through inversion

Two-party septic system
flush human dreams away
Swamp filth, verbal diarrhea
stalagmites piling high

Their false hearts
full of darkness
Obscuring cloak
of self-righteousness

Formalities over function
the structure as smokescreen
Change agent, world misleader
such arrogant disdain

They’re just a clump
of agendas
Allies in service
of subversion

The soulless
selling their souls
The gutless playing God
power-mad pawns

The ends justify
the ruins they leave
The Great Reset
their new religion

They want you to suck
their decorum
We're choking on
the hypocrisy

All lies


Demonic crusade
to plunge the world
into the Age of Envy

Zero-year revolution
Build walls
or dig mass graves

Platitudes as policy
Scheduling instability

Fear-based philosophy
Perpetual commotion
political machine

Behold the banality
of everyone
and everything

Our ruling class of mediocrities
The cult is the personality

(Copyright 2021 I Dream of Apocalypse)

California ballot measure
Where'd the money go?

With a prop, prop here
And a prop, prop there
Here a prop
There a prop
Everywhere a prop, prop

California ballot measure
Into debt we go

Families, nurses, pension plans
Firemen, schools, and roads
It was the land of milk and honey
But they stole it all

High-speed rail
Solar panels
Manipulate the sentimental

A billion here
A billion there
They run the same scam each election year

California ballot measure
Where'd the money go?

Carbon tax...
Sales tax...
Property tax...
Tobacco tax

We sure pay a lot of money to live here!

But they didn't keep the forests clear
So up in flames we go

California ballot measure
Where'd the money go?

(copyright 2020 I Dream of Apocalypse)

Divided states of alienation
Sleepwalking through a foreign invasion
We are slaves to the underclass
and the whims of policy makers
They all twist the letter of the law
shortsighted gains that erode our spirit

Despair... Futility...
You're on your own
No one cares

They sacrificed our generation
to indulge Utopian fantasies
Prioritized anyone but us
state-enforced white misery
Now we fall into another
desperate decade in a terrible century

Despair... Futility...
You're on your own
No one cares
They want you to die...
Die out!

Messianic one-world vision
cooked up by crazed elites
Using nations as lab rats
now it's blowing up in their face

They did all this
for a better world
At least that's what they say
But there's no room
for greatness here
It's only rotten fruits I see

Here in the insane asylum
The gears are grinding
straight to hell
Now that the good times are over
the veneer is slipping away
A house hyphenated
can't understand itself

A tragic wasteland
Cities lie in ruin
Our faces
Granite statues of grief

What do they fear more?
That we rise
or walk away?

In their zeal to eliminate
American identity
They create Europeans in their wake

(copyright 2020 I Dream of Apocalypse)

Here comes the protest throng
comin' at ya like a locust swarm
Don't you dare say that they're wrong
their beliefs don't last very long

Say goodbye to the protest throng
they're going home, they've had their fun
Until the next anarcho-tantrum
after something triggers them…

Take a knee today
lick a boot tomorrow
Sending out virtue signals
To make woke contact
with the conformist hive

They paint the streets
and say his name
But if you don't blindly follow
Prepare to have them
ruin your life

Using narratives
like a shiv
These commissars of cancel culture
War of the worldviews
we'll tweet to the death!

Courageous acts
that cost them nothing
Just so long as someone's filming
Erasing history
under cover of night

They're Revo-Looters!
Free shit and burning
They never paid a fuckin'
bill in their life!

They're Revo-Looters!
Smashing and grabbing
And now they're coming
to your neighborhood

Frontline drones
of the culture wars
Calling for “change” and “progress”
To pave a path
for their personal glory

If you give 'em an inch
they'll take square miles
Turn it into Third World squalor
Social justice is a
cult of dysfunction!

They only see
what they want to believe
Because evidence is a tool of
the patriarchy… or something?!

Leftists always
eat their own
Purged in the name of socialism
Going green in a mass grave!

They're Revo-Looters!
Free shit and burning
They never paid a fuckin'
bill in their life!

They're Revo-Looters!
Smashing and grabbing
And now they're coming
to your neighborhood

Manipulate, obfuscate, browbeat
If you can't win
just cheat and delete

Dominate the space
If you don't like something
just call it “hate”

[Clean version chorus:
They're Revo-Looters!
Free stuff and burning
They never paid a freakin'
bill in their life!]

(copyright 2020 I Dream of Apocalypse)

Global pandemic
unleash the opportunistic
Globalist parasites
can't let a good crisis go to waste

Viral load of fear
transmitted verbally
The contagion spreads to your mind
through eyes too blind to see

Don't mask
Don't tell me what to do
Moving the goalposts
of your arbitrary rules

Don't mask
Don't tell me what to do
We're breaking this lockdown
you incompetent fools

Media puppets
all marching in lockstep
Peasants who speak their mind
erased through censorship

They're forging a Green New Deal
from the Masque of the Red Death
Tossing the people crumbs
and creating mountains of debt!

Don't mask
Don't tell me what to do
Moving the goalposts
of your arbitrary rules

Don't mask
Don't tell me what to do
We're breaking this lockdown
you incompetent fools

Two more weeks!!!

Pop culture logos on the front of your mask
'cause it's the cool normal
An uncovered face
makes you cross the street
How much have they had to breathe?!

Unpack your head from your ass
you're just a slave with a cell phone
Conformity passports
to let the sheep through
Repeating propaganda
written just for you

Relax, all's well
Bill Gates is on the case
We'll vaccinate the world
fifteen shots to slow the spread
It's got what veins crave
fetal parts and formaldehyde
Take a selfie, wear a sticker
dancing nurses hold the line

Who's that? Oh hell
The bureaucrats are on the stage
Crawling out of their cubicles
for their fifteen minutes of fame
They want the power
knowing that they wasted their lives
Tell the people to stay sheltered
maybe one day you'll go outside

Just two more weeks, guys. Promise!

(Copyright 2020 I Dream of Apocalypse)

Beefy gamer on the Laz-E-Boy
slaughtering enemies online
Hides behind an avatar
buried under pizza boxes

Carbonated obesity
hydrogenated amputee
Corn syrup in your grape jelly
mortality a growth industry

Diabetic die-off!
When they cut the last foot off
Diabetic die-off!
Ten million pigs at the trough
Diabetic die-off!
It's a shelf-stable holocaust
Diabetic die-off!
Into the casket you will be stuffed

Obama Dreamer
carried across the border
Parents wanted to give you
a better life

Stuffed to the gills
with sweets and starches
Fifteen years old
you outweigh them both

Reconquista in the graveyard!

Welcome to the Food Pyramid
gluttonous tomb of generations!

Wheel to me the corpulent ones
pickled bodies for sacrifice
Lounging on the shelves for all time
tribute to the Glucose Gods!

Bedridden states of America
one legacy of outsourcing
They closed all the factories down
but here's another 7-11!

Enormous nurses in neon scrubs
waddle through the hospital
You put your fate in their pudgy hands
They can't control their sugar cravings!

Diabetic die-off!
When they cut the last foot off
Diabetic die-off!
Ten million pigs at the trough
Diabetic die-off!
It's a shelf-stable holocaust
Diabetic die-off!
Into the casket you will be stuffed

(Copyright 2020 I Dream of Apocalypse)

We don't care
We don't care
We don't care about Obamacare
We'll never sign up
So you're shit out of luck

Obamacare scofflaw
we don't give a fuck
Obamacare scofflaw
your propaganda sucks

We don't care
We don't care
We don't care about Obamacare
We know it's a scam
you can't keep your plan

Obamacare scofflaw
we don't give a fuck
Obamacare scofflaw
your propaganda sucks

We don't care
We don't care
We don't care about Obamacare
Extorting the young
to fund the fraud

Obamacare scofflaw
we don't give a fuck
Obamacare scofflaw
your website sucks

We don't care
We don't care
We don't care about Obamacare
Your Utopian plan
in bureaucratic hands

Obamacare scofflaw
We don't give a fuck
It's a joke!

Nancy Pelosi – you stooge!
Justice Roberts – what'd they have on you?
Pajama Boy – get fucked!
Johnny Gruber – you're so smart!

Blah, blah, blah
Keep your plan!
Blah, blah, blah
Keep your plan!
I think I'm gonna be sick!

Mandates... penalties... red tape...
Disease... corruption... death...
You are dead!

Media whores
who carried water
Government lackeys
who knew better
Top-heavy tyranny
blood's on your hands
Bureaucratic deadly sins!

(Copyright 2020 I Dream of Apocalypse)

Civilization in decline
secret vices from repressed desires
fill your meaningless lives
with fetish and debauchery
to kill the time

We’re a sad dead nation
of predators and pretenders
Bored and jaded
soon we’ll all be sex offenders

The grass grows lush
in pornographers’ yards
The neighbors don’t know
how they pay for their cars

It’s a world without dignity
rotten souls behind their lies

Pimping your wife
through digital perversion
Paying your mortgage
via click-through conversions
cutting edge technology
timeless exploitation
Who knew bukkake
could be so cosmopolitan?

But despite it all
you can’t get enough
It’s midnight
And you’ve got that hunger
You want the Thai food, Thai food
We’re talking Thai food, Thai food!

This is what planes are for
This is what oil wells are for
This is what life is for
This is what little boys are for

Thai food! Thai food! Thai food!

On the streets of Calcutta
for merely a quarter
Boy whore, boy whore!
In the slums of Bangkok
he’ll suck your cock
Boy whore, boy whore!
In Rio, Brazil,
sick Third World thrills
Boy whore, boy whore, boy whore!

You went to a shrine
but what would Buddha think?
What you did last night
would wipe the smile off his face

You cried when
Elizabeth Smart was raped
her hair was blond
her eyes were straight
But you have no such tears
for the kids you penetrate

On the streets!
In the slums!
You kill the world!

(Copyright 2011 I Dream of Apocalypse)

You go to rallies
and sign petitions
Pin ribbons on your shirt

You ran a 10K race
rode a bike for cancer
Looks like you’re having fun

Social butterfly
with a guilty conscience
Promoting awareness

Celebrity dinners
quilts and bracelets
They still haven’t found a cure

Walk for the bullshit!
think you’re doing so much good!
Fuck your bullshit!
We’re sick of your condescending ways!
It’s a crock of bullshit!
They’re still dying
while you play your silly games.

Walk for the bullshit!
shameless public display
You’re so full of shit!
you ain’t changing the world
Walk for the bullshit!
hiking and biking and running
you haven’t cured shit

(Copyright 2011 I Dream of Apocalypse)

They say that Al-Qaeda
snuck into this country
and attacked us
by surprise on 9/11

So we invaded the Middle East
to protect the Homeland,
but they left our border
wide open!

So many lies
so much corruption
Will anyone stand up for the truth?

The media says
that everything’s fine
but 9/11 is eating our generation alive!

9/11 is a lie
and we know it
everything you try to
sell us is bullshit
I’ll be a corpse
before your slave
These thoughtcrimes
you’ll have to pry
from my cold dead brain!

When the Twin Towers fell
they said it was the planes
But nothing hit Building 7
and it collapsed anyway
And when CNN + the BBC
Reported it came down
you could still see it on the screen!

Controlled demolition
remotely controlled planes
NORAD stood down
because of war games
Airline put options
Mossad spies
What hit the Pentagon’s empty side?
In molten metal passports survive
Cell phones couldn’t even
make calls from that high
9/11 is a fucking lie

You can’t refute the video evidence
You can’t refute the truth!
You can’t refute the video evidence
You can’t refute the truth!

(Copyright 2010 I Dream of Apocalypse)

Crankin’ up the generator
crankin’ up the metal
we’re having a party
at the end of the world

We’re getting fuckin’ drunk
we’re eating MRE’s
we’re shooting at the people
who are crying in the street

Thrash metal!
Stash weapons!
Massive quake

We’ve got enough supplies
for the band and no more
but we’ll make an exception
for the hotties next door

You know we’ll kick’em out
if they won’t put out
Gotta keep the species going, girls!

Thrash metal!
Stash weapons!
Now my place
is party central!

Oh my God!
LA just broke off
from the mainland
We’re gonna sink
like a Polish battleship

Fuck that!
We’re going to Hololulu, baby!

Earthquake party!
Survivalist fiesta
Earthquake party!
Benefits of preparedness
Earthquake party!
Got 20 bags of beef jerky
Earthquake party!
Oh no, we’re out of Coors Light!

(Copyright 2010 I Dream of Apocalypse)

No one cares about
a good man striving
They want silly songs
by pretty girls

Nobody misses
a man gone missing
It’s college coeds
that make the evening news

How can they say
that men rule the world?
We’re spineless enablers
of feminism’s monster
throwing it all away
for a bite of her soulless fruit

The beauty has become the beast
Amoral destabilizing force
and now even proud men
must beg like poor boys
for alms from the whore

No matter what she destroys
around every corner
a bed awaits her
Reckless one year
legit the next
The world bends over backwards
to clean up her mess

And waiting in the wings
is the ace up her dress
To become a wife and mother
now the world must respect her
Saved from the jaws of fate
by the Deus ex Vagina!

When she smiles and laughs
I tell myself she appreciates me
But in this realm without reason
tomorrow night another man
may be in my seat

My constancy, striving, and travails
are nothing in her eyes
Her chastity and propriety
are illusions in my mind

I deserve more
than alms from the whore
not to be another stamp
on her soiled passport

I deserve more
than alms from the whore
more than a swig
from the bottle that goes round.

Corrupted goddess of a
self-desecrating temple!
I won’t fall at your feet
or do the peacock dance

Locust narcissus!
So drunk with power!
I do not serve
at the pleasure of the queen

What if Aphrodite shrugged
and this knight in shining armor rode on?

(Copyright 2010 I Dream of Apocalypse)

How will I face my fake suicide?
Will they come to me deep in the night?
Will they make me write a letter
explaining why I chose this end,
before giving me a bullet
and putting the gun in my wrong hand?

How will I face my unfortunate demise?
Will I even know it at the time?
Or will they cut the brakes or crash the plane
or mug me on the street
or hire a doctor to lock me away
to die mysteriously one day?

We who dare call it conspiracy
we see macro and order within the chaos
we understand that the convergence of coincidence
is part of a bigger plan

The masses need simplicity
and disconnect as an existential crutch
they can’t comprehend
the depths of man’s treachery
in magic bullets they believe

I know too much
I saw too much
I must pack my suitcase then
shoot myself in the back of the head
I must jump out of this tall window
a day before testifying in court
I’ll slit my wrists and take some pills
and not interfere with the war plans.

It’s a paranoid paradox
twitch of fear every time the door knocks.
A paranoid—paradox
digging deeper into Pandora’s box.
’tis a dubious honor
being on a hit list
But if no one’s trying to kill you
then you don’t know shit!

whose creations hurt oil companies
who speak out against corruption
whose cures hurt the drug industry
whose words inspire action
who expose human trafficking
We are the mausoleum of convenient deaths

Embrace cognitive dissonance
and run the gauntlet in your mind
when you break the matrix’s spell
lies form a pattern
fake news makes sense
and now you are a spy
amongst the zombies and slaves

Countless ways to
make a man to die,
Car crash, botched mugging
the many forms of suicide.
But there are too many of us now
Armed by the internet
we’re millions strong
The only way to silence us all
is a nuclear bomb!

(Copyright 2007 I Dream of Apocalypse)

Drinking a beer
at the beach
Along came a sheriff
with two guns
He gave me a ticket
for a hundred bucks
What the fuck!

Everyone’s a crook
with this many
laws on the books
You can’t step outside
without committing a crime!

Illegal aliens
walk the streets
sex slaves are trapped
in the sheets
and the war on drugs
is a money-guzzling defeat

Pass the buck
golden tanned cop
Big crimes take up too much time
Piece the yearly budget together
by passing out bullshit fines

You once dreamed of
being Dirty Harry
But you ended up a
ticket-writing fairy
Every day clean and unload
You can’t shoot a gun
while you’re filing papers.

Sworn to protect and serve
your meager pension
You do as they say
without any objection.

Told to patrol
the harmless and the decent
Burned-out taillight
earns us a ticket

These tasks keep you
off the scent of real crime
The worst of mankind
they never severe time.

We know the system’s
this way by design
Eager rookie cops
soon lose their faith
Being humiliated and hamstrung
There’s only so much bullshit
a man can take.

Take back the force
from corrupt bureaucrats!
Dare to enforce
significant laws!
Help to derail the
secret economy
save the sinking ship
that is the USA!

To protect and write tickets
unless you’re illegal
then they look the other way
To protect and write tickets
except for the rich
those motherfuckers never have to pay

You once dreamed of
being Dirty Harry
But you ended up a
ticket-writing fairy
Every day clean and unload
You can’t shoot a gun
while you’re filing papers.

(Copyright 2007 I Dream of Apocalypse)

“Never again” and “Never forget”
words that sanction any dark deed
They use the Holocaust
to justify their crimes
And you’re too afraid
to challenge their lies

Zionist criminals
cloak themselves in Judaism,
banking on credulity
they hand-feed you propaganda

Members of the Diaspora
bonded by burden not by blood
We are made insane by the
mountains of martyrs
dumped upon our poor blank slates

Don’t research history
just believe what they say
Like a good little dog
they know that you’ll obey

Pavlov’s Jews
Pavlov’s Jews

Bark when they say bark
Jump when they say jump
Don’t think for yourself
Leave that up to someone else

Pavlov’s Jews
Pavlov’s Jews

You don’t see the danger
lurking in the distance
We’ll die for their crimes
they’ll hide and survive

They scream anti-Semite
and then it’s time to hate
When they cry poor
you rush to donate
The guilt oozes
through your veins
Praise your masters
tugging the reigns

Crushed by the burden
of historical guilt
Lifetime of good deeds
impossible to surmount

We never made a commitment
but always feel obligated
Haunted by infamous slaughters
like Granada in 1066

Pogroms and massacres
Details to be memorized
“By deception thou shalt do war”
Is Mossad at the door?

Attack! Attack!
We’re always under attack
But maybe there’s a reason
every hundred years
some country kicks our ass!

Refuse to play
the part scripted for a Jew
Commit a worse sin
than a Christian, Muslim, or Hindu

But maybe this generation
will not be afraid
Maybe we’ll see who
we truly ought to hate

Be different from the different
Choose to be unchosen!

(Copyright 2007 I Dream of Apocalypse)

Your ancestors
conquered the frontier
When crickets chirp
you cower in fear

Your grandfather
faced death in the trenches
When you see mud
you rub it on your face

Your father
spent his life building cars
You dream
of dancing with the stars

What’s happening to the men
in this country today?
You say that you’re straight,
but you act totally fucking gay!

Straight fag!
Weak underbelly of the nation
Straight fag
Wearing pink polo shirts
Straight fag!
You shave your legs
Straight fag!

I’ve seen German tourists
more manly than you!

Wives and girlfriends
drag you to Sears
You sip zinfandel
never chugging a beer.
Easy pickin’
for thugs on the street
Pills and therapy
'cause you got your ass beat.

You’re the kind of guy
who just loves a good cry
Watching musicals
is your idea of a good time

Sitting with legs crossed
Leather sandals with fifty holes
Obsessed with fashion trends
Delicate manicured hands
Wearing plastic wristbands for Lance
And you say you’re a man?

Straight fag!
Pampered little bitch
Straight fag!
Offers limp handshakes
Straight fag!
Is that makeup on your face?
Straight fag!
A fucking disgrace!

(Copyright 2007 I Dream of Apocalypse)

What do you do
when the world is fucked?
Who do you trust
when everybody lies?
We are enslaved
by unseen enemies,
don’t even know who to shoot!

Who do you shoot?

We would unite
and tear the system down
But they manipulate
and we fight each other
Cannon fodder so glorious
They cash in while we die!!

Who do you shoot?
Who do you shoot?
Who do you fucking shoot?!

We're good men
who avoid confrontation
Now forced into
definitive, violent action
But the schoolbook tales
of friend and foe
miss the gray of the real world.

You can’t shoot a bank
or a company logo
For all who sold us out
there ain’t enough ammo
It’s a system, a machine
that runs the world
Like boats in the ocean
we’re just pushed along.

Just what is real
when it’s smoke and mirrors?
Where do you look
when all the culprits hide?

We patriots
who would save this nation
Must make every
fucking shot count.

To kill a decoy
or a minor hydra head
Ain’t worth the sacrifice
of death or rape in prison.

You can’t afford to
waste your rage!

But where does the power lie?
What is the face of this horrible force?
Who are the people
that are killing us all?

Is it a monster
that cannot be stopped
just marching on and on and on?

Who do you fucking shoot?!

(Copyright 2007 I Dream of Apocalypse)

Every generation
they stage an attack
Then the propaganda
gears us up for war
Military and government
budgets increase
Never mind the best of us
will come home deceased

We must kill Goldstein!
We must kill Goldstein!
We must kill Goldstein!

We wanted to serve
for the country we’d die
But the dream of duty
was poisoned by lies

Victory ain’t what we’re fighting for
They just wanted to get our foot in the door

How many Rudys
killed in action?
How many Rudys
are missing arms and legs?
How many Rudys
killed in action?
How many Rudys
will it take
'til we all stop being misled?

The subtle and complex
not understood by the young
You can always convince them
that war is fun.
Meanwhile fat fucks at global corporations
get rich safely out of firing range

Power – Profit – Population Control!
These are the things they don’t teach you in school
Power – Profit – Population Control!
Face the truth now or always be their tool
Power – Profit – Population Control!
Conflict by conflict the world is steamrolled

Are you ready to die?!

The decent man
will trust a system
that’s not an overt threat
He ignores
the thousand cuts
bleeding him dry
And when the TV broadcasts
some finely crafted danger
he agrees
“we need to go fight these strangers”

But if the white race
is so fucking smart
then why do you die
in all their fake wars?

How long must we call you
forgivable victim?
And when can we say
you’re playing the fool?

(Copyright 2007 I Dream of Apocalypse)